As we approach Christmas and the New Year (Yes, not Happy Holidays) we should be thinking is there anything we need to do now to save some tax grief next April.  See the linked items below for some commentary and a checklist.

Thinking back 20 years ago we were all anticipating the end of the world with Y2K.  Planes were going to drop out of the sky and our nuclear reactors were all going to go critical.  It was the end of the world. This year we have a little Swedish girl telling us the same thing. We've ruined her life and ended the world. Let's not panic and rush into anything too quickly!

I have 2020 calendars available if you want to drop in and pick one up.  Remember, piggy banks are still available for $5 with all proceeds going to the Okotoks Food Bank.  A great Christmas stocking stuffer!

Effective immediately we have stopped sending sensitive information out through email for security reasons. Too many cases of privacy breaches have been reported. This includes anything with names, addresses, SINs, financial information, etc. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has new mandatory reporting requirement where ANY breaches of security safeguards have occurred, even for small businesses.

In response, we have initiated a secure Canadian based portal which can be used by both of us to transmit any such information. On our first occurrence, we will be sending you an email asking you to setup your own personal password for a portal that will be accessible only by you and our firm. Once established there is a link at the bottom of my home page to access your portal. There you can send us your information or download what we have provided for you. If you need a portal before we get to you please send me a request and we’ll start the process.

2019 Year End Tax Planning

2019 Tax Checklist 

If the attached linked documents raise any flags or questions, please come in and see me so we can review your particular situation.

Referrals are my primary mode of growth.  If you're pleased with the service level you receive, please pass on my name.  If displeased, please let me know.

If there is anything we can do for you, please give us a call.

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